Sergio Rando

About sea and windows on the world

Sergio’s works of art embody windows of emotions that end up being imprisoned by the canvas. Your gaze begins focused on the window, the colors then take over the shape and follow their own path towards colors within the depth of your memories,re-emerging with arrogance on the canvas. The transition from acrylic to oil brings to light an intense new version of the artist. The structure of the paintings that one perceives is similar to that of looking at the cities from a window, perhaps as though you are in the Basilica of San Giorgio overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. The violence of the colors is another key to enter Sergio’s works. The initial impact shows a balance of colors that, like the strong reflection of the sun in the sea, shows makes you look away but at the same time stare directly at it. This intense journey brings back memories of the oceans and the city, almost as if it were the beginning of spring, a swallow or a summer memory which we cannot place within a certain time frame but we know we have already lived it.

Stefano Pesce

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Bionde Trasparenze

The work of art titled Bionde transparenze is a tribute to Eugenio Montale. that Sergio donated to Assosvezia during the visit to Milan of Princess Victoria of Sweden.  Sergio’s work was purchased by a well-known Swedish multinational and the proceeds were donated to save the Children of which Princess Victoria of Sweden is ambassador.  The event was organized by Sergio Hicke, the then president of Assosvezia and CEO of Alfa-Laval and took place in the Golden Hall of the prestigious Circolo del Giardino in Milan. The event was held in December 2016, and was attended by executives of well known Swedish companies, as well as some of the members of the Royal House of Sweden, and the distinguishable Princess Victoria.